Free eBook| Goodbye Anxiety


This book is for those who experience anxiety and are:

  • Tired of being a slave to anxiety?
  • Tired of anxiety making a fool of you–e.g., emergency room false alarms?
  • Lost in the anxiety psycho-babble sauce?
  • Looking for practical solutions & examples from someone like you who understands?
  • Open-minded and willing to try solutions rooted in a biblical worldview?
  • Plus anxiety biohacks and a list of researched supplements and tools


“...for the sake of our sanity and health–we must create boundaries from which to love and serve such family and friends from a safe distance.  I call it contact without contamination. Like doctors and nurses protect themselves when they make contact (i.e., serving) with people contaminated with bacteria and viruses, so we anxiety sufferers need to protect ourselves from toxic people in our lives whose contaminated energy trigger our anxiety.” 

–Goodbye Anxiety | Day 11 Strategy

Anxiety is expensive. It costs time and money. If untreated, it can affect or exasperate other areas of your health. It leaves you walking with a limp–robbing you of your productivity, income, confidence, and joy. And, it loves making a fool of you.  In 2018, a benign brain tumor diagnosis brought my 20-year battle with anxiety back with a vengeance.  Read More


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