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A huge part of maintaining anxiety-relief is minding your nutrition.  In the spirit of Day 18’s strategy found in The Anxiety Relief Guide, make clean eating easier with this Black and Decker Airfryer. It has been an absolute GAME CHANGER in my meal prepping.  I rarely use the stove anymore.  First, have things like french fries, fried chicken, fried fish, etc. without the extra oils and guilt while reducing your saturated fat intake.  Season your food as normal and pop it in fryer and in 15-25 minutes you will have an awesome tasty (crispy) meal.  I even leave off the extra carbs from battering chicken or fish and still get a crispy outcome with just seasonings.


  • Dual Convection Fans – The exclusive cooking element combines heat with a powerful dual fan convection system to circulate hot air around food for fast, crispy results
  • 2L Capacity – The 2-liter (about 8-cup) air-frying basket fits 2-4 servings of your favorite snacks and main dishes
  • Quick and easy cleanup – The nonstick cooking surfaces release food without the need of cooking spray; plus, the air fryer basket and basket separator are dishwasher-safe
  • Variable Temperature Control and Indicator Lights – The temperature control ranges from 175-400°F; one indicator light shows when the unit is powered on, and the other turns off when the preheat temperature is reached. Dimensions : 12.625 x 12.625 x 14.500
  • Guilt-Free Results – Circulating hot air adds a crispy touch to your favorite fried foods without drenching them in oil and the instruction manual includes tips on cooking times, temperatures, and quantities


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