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As encouraged on Day 17 in The Anxiety Relief Guide, paying attention to your heart rate is equally (according to some even more) important as monitoring your blood pressure.   Having a blood pressure/heart rate monitor handy is a good way to be proactive in monitoring your cardiovascular health to prevent future issues.

Did you know a really good resting heart rate for a woman between the age 36-55 is between 65-69 beats per minute?   For men, good is between 63-67 beats per minute. Before I started practicing mindfulness relative to my anxiety, I would wake up with my heart rate in the high 70s to low 80s.  I was under the false impression that because I worked out my heart rate being high meant that my heart was pumping blood efficiently. Wrong. It’s the other way around. Chart Source²  


About the product
  • Omron blood pressure monitors are the #1 recommended brand by doctors and pharmacists for clinically-accurate home blood pressure monitoring, and the #1 selling manufacturer of blood pressure monitors for over 40 years
  • Two users can store and review last 50 readings each (total 100 reading memory with date and time stamps)
  • Automatically displays the average of your last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes
  • Compares your readings with normal home blood pressure levels while also monitoring for irregular heartbeats. The monitor will not inflate above 299 mmHg
  • Package includes: one blood pressure monitor, one wide-range cuff (fits arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference), quick start guide, instruction manual and 4 AA batteries. For customer support please call 866-216-1333


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